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7 Creative Tactics for Time Management

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Welcome and congratulations for choosing to enjoy life more through better use of your time

Time, This value, which unfortunately is often given less importance than money, although the two are sometimes very closely linked.

While I do not know you well enough to judge your current time management, we can assume that if you can already achieve all that you want to do without having to leave your health or sacrifice your family life.

The paradox in our modern world is that progress meant to help us save time sometimes helps us to slow down further.

Simplify organization and planning

Simplify organization and planning

Planning is an essential part of time management.

Even though your plans may change due to outside / unexpected events, planning is an important step to keep track of time.
The best tool for planning is of course the agenda. The question now is to know in what form you prefer to have one, the paper format is a classic but far from the most practical, so I recommend using a free online calendar like Google.

First, you will never lose your info, wherever you are. You can also:

  • You can program reminder/email alerts very quickly, never to miss an event.
  • Choose the color of an event, very easily too, to better identify your activity.
  • View your calendar from anywhere with a computer and a Internet connection.

Other free tools included in your Google account will save you a lot of time and are very simple to use, but even if you search a little, there are many tutorials assimilation of these tools offered for free by Internet users.

Build “time blocks”

Build "time blocks"

Developing time blocks involves imposing time limits on performing the tasks you plan, for example, using your Google calendar as recommended in # 1, but also using a timing tag. We all need a timeline, without which we do not see the time to finally realize that we did not do half of what it was planned to do!

Just looking at your watch from time to time is not enough, and it’s a reflex that can easily deconcentrate.

For example, use a stopwatch online: Online Stopwatch is a great free tool and very simple to use to manage your timing, a kind of hourglass online if you prefer.

The reward for you, in the end, will be the feeling of a job well done and executed on time, which is far more gratifying than the frustration experienced when we could not finish what we wanted on time!

Classify your tasks by priorities

Classify your tasks by priorities

Categorizing your tasks is an effective way to save time because by assigning a different order of priority according to your tasks, you make sure you finish the most important before moving on to tasks whose purpose is less important.

We are all more or less inclined, especially with the use of new technologies to be distracted by an external activity that is placed in the middle of ongoing activity.

For example, if you have a report that you must finish before the end of the week or the day, why consider attacking anything else like checking your emails, answering an instant message on Skype or other, etc

By classifying your tasks in order of priority, you impose self-discipline can be a little hard at first but remember that one of the objectives is to make your life easier.

Make motivating goals

Make motivating goals

Motivation is a driving force: we are not better prepared to finish a job, more inclined to go to the end of a project When the game is really worth it.

To realize this, remember how quickly you lose enthusiasm for a job you do. If the purpose is linked to the notion of responsibility, the motivation is far from the same.

In some cases, such as an independent activity, finalizing a project for a client may be motivated by several factors such as the prospect of satisfying it, keeping it as a client for future benefits, being recommended to others Clients, etc. And of course the financial gains.

Develop and cultivate your patience

For many people, patience is a waste of time because it is often associated with slowness, the enemy of productivity. In reality, patience apprehended in a certain way can become an excellent weapon to save time.

By cultivating patience in everything you do, you will achieve more tasks in less time. Why? Because you take the time to organize yourself, plan well, prepare, structure Before you start the task, or the project in question.

Let’s take a concrete example. You have an essential article to prepare for your pro blog or that of your company, and you have very little time to do it because it concerns an event, a salon that is taking place right now in your area, in your industry.

Take the time to train yourself

Take the time to train yourself

Any training requires more or less time, but in the long run, you can gain an impressive amount of time through what you learn. By training, I mean both technical training as tools, software, but also on a personal development plan such as stress management, on which I will return a little further in another chapter since managing better your stress, you also gain a lot of time and energy.

To learn about techniques, approaches, technologies That we do not understand yet Can take more or less time, depending on the extent of what we have to learn, and the speed at which we can learn. How many times can one hear, “I would have to train for this or that, but I do not have time …” Well, it’s so easy. The reality is that we have a lot of time to lose when we block a task for which we are not well trained.

How to make your tasks more motivating

How to make your tasks more motivating

Some needed and perceived work as constraining could be done much more quickly with more motivation.

The problem is that the called “routine” tasks quickly become boring, and we have a little trouble finding a real motivation to do them. If you find it hard to find a compelling reason to take action, there are two simple motivations to consider:

  • Financial motivation: “Time is money” getting away from your obligations quickly, freeing up time to use productively more quickly.
  • Personal motivation: Beyond the financial benefits, you also quickly release time to devote to your loved ones and hobbies.
  • By putting more energy into what you have to do, you finish it faster than if you go “backwards”.

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