8 Interesting Fun Facts About SNAKES

Hello and welcome in chalengeme, and in this article we’re going to be going over 8 interesting facts about snakes, In the next day we will do an article about some of the most venomous deadly snakes in the world, so you can check that later, just stay tuned if you would like to find out information about some of the most venomous snakes some of them are so dangerous they can kill within 30 minutes of being bit, but without further in this we’re going to go over 10 fun facts about snakes fact.

Snakes are carnivores

That’s right they eat meat bunnies rats, anything meat they do not eat berries or fruit or plants, we are omnivores for example we can eat meat but we can also eat plants, but snakes are strictly carnivores they only eat meat.

Snakes swallow food completely cold

The second fact is that snakes have to swallow food completely cold because they can’t bite or chew, so imagine that snakes are not only just carnivorous but they also when they get their prey they have to swallow it completely, so if a snake wants to eat a bunny rabbit it has to swallow the bunny rabbit hole and digest it inside, is pretty crazy to think about it, just thinking of how big some of these animals are that are going to be fitting inside of the snake that it has to swallow but it can do it.

Snakes are venomous

Fact number three is that some snakes are venomous, and they use their venom in their attacks so usually the way a snake will attack is it will wrap itself around its prey it will suffocate and choke it to death and then when the prey is unconscious it will begin swallowing it, and doing the eating part like that and they can, also even feel the preys heartbeat but some of them also have Benham and like I said in the beginning of this Article we have another article in the next day about some of the venomous dangerous snakes in the world, so the venom is basically like a poison where when it bites you this venom gets injected into your bloodstream, and then it affects your heart that affects your brain and it can kill you very quickly.

Decapitated snake head can still alive

number four a decapitated snake head can still bite hours after death, and it can still inject you with venom, so if you cut off a snake head it does not mean that you are safe snake can still bite it can still inject a venom inside of you, and in fact it’s usually more venomous after the head has been cut off because it is in flight or flight mode and it’s really really upset so it’s gonna take you down with it back.

Fear from snakes

One out of three of all adult humans they have an evolutionary fear of snakes, so this isn’t necessarily like a learned fear where it can be fixed, one out of three adult humans aren’t just afraid of state snakes its evolutionary it’s in their genes, which means that humans have probably evolved over millions of years to naturally be afraid of snakes because of how deadly and dangerous they can be if you were to be bit.

Snakes and time to digest food

It takes three to five days for a snake to digest its meal, in fact for a large snake such as an anaconda it can take the weeks for them to digest a large animal so as soon as that snake gets its food its going to be kind of just hanging around sitting waiting for this a giant animal inside of it to be digested back.


To avoid predators snakes can poop whenever they want, they will make themselves dirty and smelly in their own poop so that why the Predators either don’t recognize them or that they aren’t wanted by the Predators back.


The anaconda does not have the length of the Python, but it is much heavier than him, and it is a giant snake. It weighs up to 250kg. Females are larger than males.

Anaconda lives mainly in South America, such as Colombia, Brazil, and Ecuador. It is not venomous. In general, it is olive green, with two rows of black spots and small white eyes on each side of his body.

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